WELL HEY THERE, OPPORTUNITY SEEKER! What's brought you over to this little bit of the website hey?

What if I told you you could run your own business from home, working part-time hours, entirely flexible around your family, studies or current job, manage to take home a full-time wage AND you didn't have to flog those pesky health supplements to your long suffering friends and family? It's the dream, right! Sound too good to be true?

This IS NOT MLM, nor is it a franchise, meaning there are no on-going franchise or licensing fees (woo-hoo!) but your very own Business-In-A-Box to run entirely as you like, ready to go. 

After launching Walk All Over Me in late 2018 as a new time-poor, sleep deprived Mum, I quickly grew it to a level that meant I didn't have to return to the work-force and instead now spend just a couple of days working on doormats, and 5 days a week with my family - Yippee!
And now I work with a limited number of people a year teaching them to do the same. DOUBLE YIPPEE! 
If you'd like to learn a little more, please email us on and we'll send you our info pack.