Palms Doormat

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Black Palms/Fronds Doormat.
Sitting pretty at an impressive 50x80cm, this large doormat is stylish both inside and out. Featuring beautiful black palms and a slim-line black border.

Doormats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, though indoor, or sheltered is recommended for a longer life.
Please be aware that coir, as a natural product may be lighter in some areas, darker in others, have small patches of denser or sparse hair. All our mats are super high quality and hand-picked, but may have small imperfections or quirks.. hey, just like me and you!

Machine painted by the Grand-daddies of coir in its native India. These incredibly high quality doormats are sealed with a weather proof setting agent, and specially treated to reduce shedding.

Size: 50cm x 80cm
Weight: 1.8kg.

Cleaning: A heavy shake every now and then will get rid of lots of debris from your mat, otherwise you can vacuum or spot-clean with a mild soap. Do not machine wash/tumble dry or use bleach.

You can buy your Walk All Over Me Doormat with confidence - please have a peep at our Returns and Refunds Policy & Shipping Times at the bottom of this page.