Should I put an apostrophe on my doormat?

Ah-ha, so you're just about click 'purchase' and then think to yourself... wait.. should that apostrophe be there?! 
The question as old as time rears its head, but fear not - we're here to clear it up for you once and for all. 
Apostrophes have three main functions;

 1) indicate possession;

2) show omissions of letters;

3) show when letters, numbers, and symbols are plural.

When using an apostrophe in a name it should be only be used when showing possesion, and given that your doormat is at the front of your home, welcoming your guests to your biggest possesion; your home, it's one of the very few instances where either option is neither wrong nor right.

The Smiths - correct. Together your family are - The Smiths. 

The Smith's - correct, when stood on your doorstep showing possesion to your home. 

In the instance of a surname ending in S such as Jones, you could pop an apostrophe at the end to show possesion; The Jones' - hey, or not! Given that either one is correct.

Given that it was such a grey area and prior to launching this business in 2018, our research couldn't find a 100% right or wrong answer, we conducted a survey of 20 professionals in the field of English language, with 11 votes for no apostrophe, and 9 votes for apostrophe. So there ya have it!

Ultimately, given that the grammar police won't come knocking at your door and drag you away, it comes down to personal preference and what you prefer the look of on a doormat. We'll print either way!


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