Refund & Returns Policy

We are more than happy to replace a mat if there are any errors made on our part. 
In the rare instance of a spelling/grammatical mistake on the mat, the same mat of equal value will be repainted and posted at the earliest convenience.

When ordering a custom mat - please be EXTRA careful in regards to spellings and grammar as we are unable to replace/refund in the instance that a mistake was made on your part. We print the mats EXACTLY as you enter the text in your custom text box.
We do not refund in the instance of changed minds so please pick your mat carefully! 

We are unable to refund in the instance of delayed delivery. Us doormat makers do our bit of making your wonderful new mat, and getting it into the hot little hands of our couriers as quickly as possible. What happens once it's with them is unfortunately out of our control and any questions regarding delayed shipments are to go through their customer service teams (they're good at that!) 
Of course in the instance of a lost package, please contact us and we'll assist in getting a replacement once your lost parcel claim has been accepted. 

Please be aware that coir, as a 100% natural product, may be lighter in some areas, darker in others, have small patches of denser or sparse hair, or very small coconut tufts/knots within the weave. This is normal and unavoidable, HOWEVER, rest assured that all our mats are super high quality and hand-picked, though still may have small imperfections or quirks.. hey, just like me and you!