How To Clean & Care For Your Coir Mat.

So! How best to keep clean the very thing you've bought to wipe your dirty feet on? We're glad you asked! We understand this ain't your run of the mill doormat - it's here to spark joy at your home sweet home. Looked after carefully, it will last you years. 

  • We recommend including your doormat in your daily vacuuming routine (or monthly... who are we to judge?!) As it's job is to collect dirt, dust and hair; this will prevent these elements sitting on top of the mat and making it look dull.
  • Otherwise a heavy shake every now and then will get rid of lots of debris from your mat - but if doing this ensure it's gripped end to end with both hands. Remembering that it's holding up to 10x it's weight in water and debris - that can be a lot of weight on a couple of mm of rubber backing.
  • If you've had a spill, spot-clean with a mild soap. Do not machine wash/tumble dry or use bleach.
Please be aware that coir, as a 100% natural product, may be lighter in some areas, darker in others, have small patches of denser or sparse hair, or very small coconut tufts/knots within the weave. This is normal and unavoidable, HOWEVER, rest assured that all our mats are super high quality and hand-picked, though still may have small imperfections or quirks.. hey, just like me and you! 
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