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The doormat range of any fashionista's dreams. Enjoy - dahling!

- Welcome Home Darling.

- Chanello

 - Fabulous Lives Here.

- Mwa Mwa.

- Veuve Always Welcome

- Shut The Front Dior.

- Leave Your Louboutins At The Door.

- Hide Packages From Husband

- Welcome to #MUMLIFE

- GirlBoss Lives Here

Hand-made with love and shipped from Perth, Australia.
We use high quality, water resistant paints and dyes on all our products.

Doormats are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, though indoor, or sheltered is recommended for a longer life.
Please be aware that coir, as a natural product may be lighter in some areas, darker in others, have small patches of denser or sparse hair. All our mats are super high quality and hand-picked, but may have small imperfections or quirks.. hey, just like me and you!

Cleaning: A heavy shake every now and then will get rid of lots of debris from your mat, otherwise you can vacuum or spot-clean with a mild soap. Do not machine wash/tumble dry or use bleach.

You can buy your Walk All Over Me Doormat with confidence - please have a peep at our Returns and Refunds Policy & Shipping Times at the bottom of this page.